How can I activate my Deezer-Orange subscription on my mobile?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2012 11:20AM CEST
1 – Download the Deezer application on to your mobile phone by entering into your mobile Internet browser and follow the instructions.
2- Once the application is installed, launch the application on your mobile.
3- If you don’t have a Deezer account, click on “Register” and then on “An Orange customer with a Deezer offer? Activate now.”.
If you already have a Deezer account, log in with your Deezer account details. A message will appear saying “Are you already an Orange-Deezer subscriber?”. Click on “Yes”
4- Log in with your Deezer account details.
5 - Confirmation. You can now access your Deezer-Orange offer.

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