Talk FAQs

This is all Deezer’s talking content. And it sounds great, but is it a big buzz for a little bit of hearsay? We think you won’t be able to stop gossiping about it after asking the important questions.

What is Talk?

Deezer Talk consists of all our non-music audio content:

What if you can’t find any podcasts or audiobook content on Deezer?

You can only listen to talk content like podcasts in the UK, Germany, Brazil, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and France at the moment, but we’re working to bring it to everyone else as soon as possible.

What if you can’t find a particular podcast or audiobook?

If you can’t find a programme or book you love, it’s because the show/author’s team haven’t added it to Deezer.

You can drop them a line, and tell them to follow this link to add it to our service.

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