Deezer has a collection of audiobooks, podcasts and live radio that we have gathered from creators all around the world and made available to all our users at any time.

How do I access Deezer’s talk content?

You’ll find it at the bottom of Home, or by Channel (just tap Browse).  Whether you’re into Comedy, Sports, News, Culture, Technology or Business, our team of editors are tirelessly working every day to bring you the best from around the world.

Can’t find any podcasts or audiobook content on Deezer?

You can only listen to Deezer’s talk content in the UK, Germany and France at the moment, but we’re working to bring it to everyone else as soon as possible.

What if I can’t find a particular podcast or audiobook?

If you can’t find a show or book you love, it’s because the show’s team haven’t added it to Deezer. Drop them a line and ask them to add the show to our service.

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