Getting your podcast/radio station on Deezer

How do you make my show available on Deezer?

If you're interested in joining our catalogue or want to begin a business partnership, drop us a line at

Then just make sure your podcast has an RSS feed. Our system will grab your show's album art directly from your RSS feed, but please make sure it is tagged properly.

Does it cost anything to add your show to Deezer?

Nope, adding your content to Deezer is entirely free!

You're an independent podcaster, can you add your show to Deezer?

Yes, we accept shows of all sizes including independent shows.

Learn more here:

You're a Stitcher Partner and can’t see your show on Deezer, why?

Stitcher no longer belongs to Deezer, we now have two separate catalogues.

The Terms of Service covered distribution on both platforms but if it appears your show isn't on Deezer anymore, drop us a line at and we'll make it right!

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