How to change the email address linked to your account

You can modify your email address from both our mobile app and on our website.

On your mobile

  1. Go to Settings and select Manage my account
  2. Click Change your email address. Enter your current email address and your Deezer password
  3. Enter and confirm your new email address
  4. Click Change to save the changes


  1. Go to Settings gears.PNG and select the My Information tab.
  2. Click on the Change button next to your current email address
  3. Enter your current email address, your Deezer password and your new email address
  4. Click Save to confirm the changes

If you receive the error “This email address is unavailable”, this means the new address is already linked to an existing Deezer account. You will need to delete the existing account linked to that email address or choose a different one.

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