Playlist Settings

By default, every playlist you create can be searched by other Deezer users, so that they can listen to your amazing creation, but you can choose to make it Private or Collaborative too.

What is a private playlist?

If you want your playlist to be completely yours, then make it private, and then no-one can see or alter it.

What is a collaborative playlist?

Although all playlists are public automatically, the collaborative option means that Deezer users can add tracks to better your playlist, and you can do the same for them.

The collaborative option for your playlist is only available via

How to change your playlist settings

  1. Head to My Music
  2. Click on Playlists
  3. Tap on the Playlist that you want to make private
  4. Click the Edit key edit.png
  5. A) For Android and web users, tick the boxes to choose if it’s Private or Collaborative
  6. B) For IOS users use the sliders to choose if it’s Private or Collaborative

How to add tracks to a collaborative playlist

Please note, you can only add tracks to other collaborative playlists, not delete them.

  1. Favorite the playlist
  2. Find the track that you want to add, either by searching or in your library
  3. Click the three dots ....png next to the title
  4. Tap Add to playlist
  5. Choose the playlist you want to add to
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