Charged Twice

There are several reasons why you may have been debited twice for the same subscription.

1. You’ve been charged on two different dates for the same subscription

This means that you subscribed to a Premium+ offer on two different Deezer accounts.

What you can do

  • If you did not use your personal credit card details to subscribe to a paid offer, please check with the cardholder to make sure they did not make any other purchases on Deezer.
  • Verify that you did not create two Deezer accounts with two different subscriptions.

2. You subscribed to the Family offer

If you choose to upgrade to the Family offer, the payment will be debited as soon as you activate the offer.

This also applies to existing Premium+ members. The payment for the upgrade from Premium+ to the Family offer will occur immediately after your upgrade and not at the end of your current month.

3. You have been debited by iTunes and Deezer

If you notice a payment to iTunes and Deezer on your bank statement, it means you subscribed twice using two different Deezer accounts with two different methods of subscription (via iTunes & Deezer).

We advise that you cancel one of the two subscriptions as soon as possible.

4. You activated your Deezer option with your mobile provider

If you have already subscribed directly through Deezer and then activate an offer through your mobile operator, please note that this subscription does not replace the first subscription through Deezer.

You will need to cancel your first subscription made directly through Deezer to avoid being charged for your first subscription and your subscription via your mobile operator.

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