Unexpected Charges

If you notice an unexpected charge on your bank statement, please check the status of the charge:

Pending charges

Don’t panic! This typically occurs when subscribing using a new payment method for the first time. A small charge (approx. €1 in value) is made to verify the details you provided when you set up your subscription.

The funds rarely leave your account and once the authorization process is completed, they’re immediately released. The time it takes for the funds to be released can differ, depending on your bank and the payment method.

For more information, we advise you to contact your bank.

Charged twice (not pending)

Deezer subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis.

If you find a second payment has been taken in the same month, it’s typically the result of a second Deezer account (it’s possible to register for multiple Deezer accounts) where a subscription has been mistakenly activated on both.

If you believe this to be the case, please contact our support.

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