Downloading on Your Computer app

Never be without your favorite music. Download it onto your computer and listen to it over and over again, anywhere you want.

Please note: Downloading is only available to subscribers with an installed Deezer app.

Taking your laptop on holiday or just on the train? Download your music to your computer and you’ll always have it with you.

Downloading albums, playlists, favorites and audiobooks

  1. Click on the album or playlist, that you wish to download, or even all of your favorites
  2. At the top of the track listings, there will be a slider OWNLOAD.PNG
  3. The grey slider will go green as they download

You are unable to download Mixes, and only able to download the most recent episode of a podcast. This is the same with the mobile app.

The downloads are stored within the Deezer app.

Missing your music?

Windows 10 app

You can download your albums and playlists in the same way, but podcasts and audiobooks are not fully supported on this platform yet.

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