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Your radio not really doing it for you? Want to listen to your favorite music on the move? Good news! You can connect Deezer to your car.

Android Auto

What do you need to use Android Auto?

How do you use Android Auto with the Deezer app?

If your car is compatible, you can easily connect via a USB cable.

Once you’ve setup Android Auto, it should start automatically when you plug in your device.

What cars are compatible?

A list of countries that Android Auto is available can be found on their website.

Can you search for a track with voice search?

Unfortunately, you can’t but you are able to search for playlists. For example, if you say “play me some Madonna” it will start your Madonna playlists.


What do you need to use CarPlay?

Can I search for tracks on the move?

No search is available, but you can listen to playlists, mixes, your Flow, and if you’re offline you can listen to your downloaded content.


You can get Deezer in your BMW in two ways:

  • If you have a Premium+ account or higher and use an Apple phone, you can directly link your BMW to your phone and let Deezer be your travel companion
  • BMW also offer an Online Entertainment Package, which has other great stuff included; this can be bought straight from BMW - Here are all the general FAQ’s and answers
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