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So, you’ve discovered a new song or artist and you immediately want to share it with your friends and the world - we got you covered.

There are many ways to share your new discoveries on Deezer.

If you want to share what you’re listening to and the tracks you favorite automatically, try Automatic Sharing.

Sharing albums and playlists

The simplest way to do this is:

  1. Click on the Album or Playlist you want to share
  2. Click on the Share button just underneath the title

Other ways:

  1. Favorite the Album or Playlist
  2. Go to My Music
  3. Click on Albums/Playlists
  4. Tap the three dots ....png next to the Album or Playlist
  5. Click Share

Sharing a track

  1. On the Track List, click the three dots ....png next to the title
  2. Select Share

If the song is playing:

  1. Look to the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen to see the track playing
  2. Click on the three dots....png
  3. Select Share

What happens after you click ‘Share’?

It doesn’t matter what you are sharing, the share screen will be the same on the website.

It will come up with some choices of where you can share:


  1. A) Select All Followers
  2. B) Select Followers
  3. If you want, you can leave a message in the message box
  4. Click Share

Facebook and Twitter

  1. Click on the Facebook faceboooook.PNG /Twitter twiiiiteeer.PNG symbol
  2. Go through their authentication process (if you’re not logged on originally, you may have to share the content again after you sync)

And if you don’t want to sync your social media accounts with Deezer, no worries:

  1. When on the Share screen, click the Copy button
  2. Paste the URL into your status update
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