Sharing on the iOS app

Sharing is caring. Share your Deezer experience with your friends and followers.

If you want to automatically share everything you do on Deezer (we know it’s all important), then have a look at Automatic Share Settings.

How do you share albums, artists and playlists?

  1. Tap the album/artist/playlist
  2. Touch the three dots ....png
  3. Select Share

If any of the content (albums, artists, playlists, tracks) is already in your My Music then:

  1. Go to My Music
  2. Tap Playlists/Artists/Albums/Favorite Tracks
  3. Touch the three dots ....png by the title
  4. Select Share

This way also works for tracks that are not in My Music. Just go to the track you want, then follow steps 3. and 4.

What happens after you click share?

The app you want to share with must be downloaded onto your device.

If the app is compatible with Deezer sharing, then it will appear in the list after you select share.

Can’t share directly?

Use the copy feature and paste the link wherever you want.

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