Artist Queries (and answers)

Artists and artist's pages hold a load of useful information to help you draw the most from your Deezer experience. Got a couple of questions about artists? Let’s see if we can help.

Why do you have artists in My Music before you’ve tapped the heart button?

If you’ve linked your Deezer account with your Facebook account, the artists you’ve liked on there will automatically be in your favorite artists. Just a little help to get you started and make your Flow better.

You've favorited a track, why isn't the artist in your Flow?

Flow takes many different things in account. So it may take a little while to bring them into your Flow.

Try adding the artist to your library, or adding more of their songs to your Favorites.

You’ve told Flow not to play a track by an artist, why is it still playing songs by them?

For a full explanation look at our Flow.

You may need to add more favorite songs and other artists so Flow can learn your music taste better.

Why is there no music from an artist?

We license all the content on our service from labels, artists, management and content providers. Sometimes, those licenses mean we’re not able to provide an artist’s music in a certain country or at all. We’re always working to add more.


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