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Sometimes it’s not just one song; sometimes you can’t get enough of everything an artist does. So add them to your library and never let them slip away.

How do you add an artist to My Music?

Finding an artist through a song


  1. Type in the track name, the artist will come up next to it in the track list
  2. Click on the Artist
  3. Click the heart symbol add_heart.PNG

On the app:

  1. Type in the track name
  2. Tap on the three dots ....png next to the track
  3. Go to Artist Page
  4. Tap on the heart symbol add_heart.PNG

On the artist’s page, you’ll find Similar Artists so you can find more you love.

Or, you can always search

Type for the artist in the Search Bar, click the heart symbol add_heart.PNG next to the artist.

How do you find artists after you’ve added them?

  1. Tap on My Music
  2. Tap Artists

Find out how artist pages can help you when you’re starting out, by giving you access to tracks, artists and playlists that you can add to your library.

 Any questions about artists?

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