Editor Mixes

You know that feeling when you’re chilled, excited, or stressed, and you have no idea what music to put on? That’s when you need a Mix.

Editor Mixes are a mash up of a load of great artists all categorized by genre, mood, or even decade.

How to find Editor Mixes

  1. On the Home page, tap Browse
  2. Find the Mixes Channel
  3. There are four types of Mix here:
  • Mixes made for you
  • Mood mixes
  • Decade mixes
  • Genre mixes
  1. Pick a Mix you like the look of

Editor Mixes on

What’s even better, you can add Editor Mixes to your favorites on

Adding mixes to your library

Follow the steps above to find your Mix, then either:

  • Click the heart symbol add_heart.PNG on the Mix cover
  • Click on the mix itself and click Add add_heart.PNG

After you do this, the Mixes will be available to play on your connected devices using the app.

Artist Mixes

Love an artist? Want to listen to more like it? Have a go with Artist Mixes.


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