Flow FAQ's

No one likes interrupting a Flow. See if we can help you back to smoothly streaming.

What if Flow plays something I don’t like?

Just tap the strikethrough-heart, skipp.PNG or cross button npt_this_flow.PNG and that song will not be replayed for the next 24 hours. If you press “dislike” for a song or artist three times, Flow will not play it again.

If you’re using Deezer Free, the strikethrough heart skipp.PNG/cross button npt_this_flow.PNG counts as a skip.

Flow plays the same songs over and over, why?

If your Flow still plays the same selection of songs, try adding more songs/artists to your favorites.

If that doesn’t work, try deleting your cache.

I’m a Deezer Family subscriber, can other profiles mess with Flow?

Every profile has a separate, independent Flow.

Just remember to always check that you are connected to your own profile before playing music to avoid influencing your family member’s Flow.

I’ve told Flow that I don’t like a track by an artist, why are they still in Flow?

Check out the Artist FAQ for some answers.

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