Improving Flow

If you’ve only just started with Deezer, Flow only knows what you picked when you signed up. So it might not get it right all the time.

The basic way to improve your Flow, is by adding more content into your favorites. Whether it’s an album, an artist, a track; Flow absorbs it all.

My Music

Flow and My Music work hand-in-hand:

  • Use your Flow to find music to add to your favorites
  • Use My Music to add more things to Flow

How do you add a track to my favorites from Flow?

See the heart add_heart.PNG? Give it a tap.

If you need a little more, check out our Favorite basics for the step by step process.

How do you add an artist to My Music from Flow?

Heard something you like while using Flow? Want some more of the artist? Add them to your favorites and let Flow know you love them:


  1. Look to the bottom left hand corner for the playing song
  2. Click on the Artist’s name
  3. On the artist page, click Add add_heart.PNG

On the app

  1. Click on the playing song
  2. Click on the three dots ....png
  3. Tap Artist page
  4. In the top right, click the heart add_heart.PNG

What if you don’t like a song that Flow has just played?

Have a quick look at our FAQ page for the answers.

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