Album Twaddle

Found the album of the decade? Or perhaps just the week?

How do you find your favorited albums?

  1. Tap My Music
    • On Click on the tab that says Albums
    • On the app: Scroll down to the Albums button

How are your albums organized?

On the app

  • When you tap on your albums, they are automatically organized by artist A-Z

You can quickly go to a recently added album by scrolling through the horizontal bar at the top.


You can adjust the organization of your albums on the web:

  1. Click on My Music
  2. Tap on the Albums tab
  3. On top of your added albums will be a bar with a drop down menu
  4. Click the best way to organize your albums

This will not affect the way your albums are organised on the side menu.

To reorganize:

  1. Click on Albums on the side menu
  2. At the top there will be three lines on a drop down tab drop_down_menu_albums.PNG
  3. Click on this and choose the way you want to organize your albums
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