Common Fixes for your Browser

Music not playing properly? not responding like it should?

Browse through these few suggestions for a quick fix:


Sometimes your browser and Flash Player may have missed an update. Try updating them and see if it makes a difference.

Enable HTML 5

If you are using Chrome 55+ or Safari 10+ then you can activate our HTML5 player as a work around for many Flash Player-related issues.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Settings icon gears.PNG next to My Music
  3. Under Audio, tick the box next to HTML 5 player

Clear your cache

Try clearing your browser cache (if you’re not sure how, just search for ‘how to clear my cache’). Then log out and log back in again.

Try a new browser

If a different browser works without issue, please let us know! Then we will know the problem is related to your current browser or its settings and we can work on fixing it.


How many tabs do you have open? Depending on the power of your computer, sometimes loads of open tabs affects Deezer’s performance.

Security settings

Is there a security setting/firewall in place that is not recognizing Deezer as a safe? Check for any Flash blockers, ad blockers or security plugins that could be interfering with Deezer and make sure they recognize Deezer as a safe site.


Try logging into your Deezer account from a different computer in a different location.

If you can log in and play music without any issues, let us know! Then we will know it is something in your current setup that is causing problems.

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