Common Problems with an SD Card

Got a phone with a SD card? Extra storage becoming an extra headache?

Some of your songs have become greyed out

Are you in Offline Mode?

Firstly, it might be worth double checking if you are in Offline Mode, and make sure it is deactivated.

Secondly - if you do want to use Offline Mode - have a look to see if your tracks have fully downloaded.

Try this:

  1. Remove the SD card
  2. Delete the Deezer app
  3. Pop your SD card back in
  4. Install the Deezer app
  1. Head to My Music
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Touch App settings
  4. Scroll down to Disk Usage
  5. Tap Change storage
  6. Select Internal memory
  7. Log in to Deezer

You can go back to using the external memory, but you may have these problems again.


If this doesn’t work, then the songs may have been temporarily taken off of Deezer while we renegotiate terms.

Error message? “Error: Failed to Play” or cannot download entire albums?

Have a go at resetting the card:

  1. Remove the SD card
  2. Delete the Deezer app
  3. Reinstall the Deezer app
  4. Log in
  5. Insert the SD card

Having storage problems?

It might be an option to delete your smart cache – have a look under general troubleshooting for this.

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