Common Problems on Android

Having some trouble on your android device? See if you see your problem and try these easy fixes.

Have to keep hitting play after your songs finish?

There are a few apps that put Deezer on hibernate mode – such as security and antivirus applications.

Have a quick look in your phone settings or perhaps one of the security apps to see if one is enabled.

Music pausing after each song while using the headphone jack?

Do you have SoundAlive downloaded on your phone?

If you do – easy peasy. Disable the SoundAlive+ button, and you should be good to go.

Some of your songs have become grayed out

This may be because you are using an SD card. Check out our SD card troubleshoot.

Seeing an error message? “Error: Failed to Play”

This may be an issue with your SD card, have a look at our SD card troubleshoot for more information.

Want to free up storage?

Try deleting the smart cache, but remember, this will delete your downloads too.

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