Queue on iOS

Queue your tracks, and track your queue.

Abolish the annoyance of having to choose a new song after a track finishes, queue them up and keep the music going. (You can also queue on

What can you queue?

  • Tracks
  • Whole playlists
  • Whole albums

How do you start/add to your queue?

  1. Start playing a song
  2. Find a different song you want to queue
  3. Tap on the three dots ....png
  4. Tap Add to queue

You can also tap Play next, and the queue will automatically alter to accommodate your new song.

How do you get to your queue?

On the Player select the Queue icon queue_web.PNG

From here you can:

  • See what’s in your queue
  • Remove tracks
  • Change the order of your queue

Removing tracks from the queue

Just so you know, you can’t remove whole playlists at a time.

  1. Tap on your Queue queue_web.PNG
  2. Go to the track you want to remove
  3. Swipe right to left

Moving tracks in the queue

  1. Tap on your Queue queue_web.PNG
  2. Simply grab the Move icon and pop the track wherever you want
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