Deezer HiFi - FAQ

Keep flying high with HiFi. See if we can answer your questions about HiFi.

What's the difference between Premium+ and HiFi?

Premium+ allows you to listen to unlimited music without ads or interruptions, as well as downloading music.

Deezer HiFi has all the benefits of a Premium+ subscription, but also allows you to listen to your music in exceptional FLAC quality when using a supported HiFi system.

What is FLAC Quality?

Streaming usually compresses music a little to save you data, but high fidelity audio plays at CD-quality. High fidelity audio is music encoded in FLAC (16-bit, 1,411Kbps).

Will you lose your playlists or favorites when upgrading to HiFi?

No, you’ll keep all your playlists and favorites.

Can you have multiple profiles with HiFi?

HiFi provides you with a single profile, the same as Premium+. If you want multiple profiles, check out Deezer Family.

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