Hear This

Hear This is your own personal music feed, giving you suggestions for albums, playlists and artists based on your listening habits and your favorites.

With daily updates that highlight a mix of new music and classics, Hear This will help you stay on top of the music scene and discover hidden gems.

How do you get to Hear This?

Hear This is available on, on the main menu to the left.

What does Hear This suggest?

Hear This will suggest albums and playlists, every day.


The great thing about Hear This, is that it will often suggest playlists made for you by other Deezer users with similar music tastes.

This means that you can connect with other people with great music taste, while discovering new music with something other than our Editor playlists.


Hear This also purposely chooses albums that you haven’t listened to, but bases the recommendations on your listening habits – to help you discover new music.

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