New Releases Channel

Keep in touch with all the latest music. The New Releases Channel has everything up to date, so it’s all new and shiny.

How do you get to New Releases?

From the homepage

  1. Go to Home
  2. Scroll down to New releases
  3. Tap the heading

Or through Channels

  1. Go to Home
  2. Tap Browse
  3. Touch the New releases tile

The freshest tracks

This is the playlist that has the ‘Brand New UK’ music, and we update it every week.

You can add this playlist to your music, and every Friday it will get updated automatically.

We let you know when it updates by giving you a small notification on your Playlists tab. (It’s a small blue dot - nothing fancy).

Just so you know - The freshest tracks are different for each country, so, where you created your Deezer account will impact what tracks you get.

Picked for you

Here at Deezer, we like to make it personal.

We give you things like Flow, your tailor-made editor playlists, and to add to the mix, we pick the new releases we think you might like and put them here for you to find.


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