Website is not responding/Music is not playing properly

Update your Browser and Flash Player
If music is not playing properly, or the Deezer website is not responding like it should, the first thing to check is that your browser and flash player are up to date.

Clear your cache
Also try clearing your browser cache and logging out and back in to refresh your details.

Try a new browser
If a different browser works without issue we will know the problem is related to your current browser or it's settings.

If you are still having trouble try the following:

  1. Do not have too many tabs opened at the same time on your computer. If you have a lot of tabs open try closing a few and see if this helps your Deezer performance.
  2. Is there a security setting/firewall in place that is not recognizing Deezer as a safe? Check for any flash blockers, add blockers or security plug-ins that could be interfering with Deezer and make sure they recognize Deezer as a safe site.
  3. Logging into your Deezer account from a different computer in a different location is a final, quick check which can be performed. If you can log in and play music without issue we will know it is something in your current set up that is causing problems.
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