Setting up a Deezer account for use with a Sonos Device

For a brilliant listening experience combine Deezer with your Sonos!

  • access to over 35 million tracks
  • ability to search for artists, tracks and albums using your Sonos controller
  • access your Deezer playlists 

In order to have full access to Deezer using your Sonos Device you need to have either a Deezer Premium+ or a HiFi subscription. You can check your Deezer subscription status by following these steps.

I do not have a Deezer account

Creating a Deezer account couldn’t be easier, just follow these steps.

Once your account has been created please follow the instructions below to Add your Deezer account to Sonos.

Adding your Deezer account to Sonos

Note: If you currently have a Deezer Free account, you will be prompted through the Sonos application to select a subscription plan.

Sonos Controller for PC or Mac

  1. From the Manage menu, select Service Settings.
  2. Click the Add (PC) or + (Mac).
  3. Select Deezer and then click Next.
  4. Select I already have an account and then click Next.
  5. Enter your Deezer login in details and click Next.

After your login has been verified you can select Deezer as your music source and start making your musical selections.

To add Deezer using an Android or iOS device.

  1. From the Music menu, select More Music
  2. Select Deezer
  3. Select I already have an account
  4. Enter your Deezer log in details


My Deezer Password is not recognized

If you created your Deezer account using Facebook or Google+ you will need a Deezer password to connect with your Sonos device.

To get a new Deezer password just click this link, type in the email address connected to your Deezer account and a password re-set email will be sent to you.

Make sure to check:

  1. Spam/junk folders for the email
  2. is in your list of safe email senders.

It can sometimes take a short time for your new password details to update so if you cannot log in straight away wait for a few minutes and try again.

With your Deezer password you should have not trouble connecting with Sonos.

Making sure Sonos recognises your Deezer subscription

After you log in if you can only see the Radio Channels option on your Sonos you will need to perform a re-cycle to make sure your device recognises your Deezer subscription.

Remove all your Deezer details from your Sonos controller and turn your Sonos off for a minute to alllow it to re-cycle.
Turn your Sonos back on, re-enter your Deezer details and you should have full access.
If you are still having problems please contact so we can check your account details and make sure your Premium+ subscription is in place.

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