Why There is Advertising on Deezer

“All your music. Wherever you go.”

“Deezer, sounds like you.”

Here at Deezer we are deeply passionate about music and dedicated to bringing you the music you love. An important part of that is supporting the artists so they can continue to create new and exciting music that inspires us every day!

That’s great, but what does that have to do with advertising?

Every time you see or hear an advert on Deezer, an artist is being supported. Through advertising we’re able to support artists and keep Deezer free for listeners like yourself.

Okay. What if I don’t like the adverts, can I opt out?

It’s not possible to opt out of adverts if you’re currently using our free service. However our subscription based service Deezer Premium+, (in addition to better audio quality, offline access to your tracks plus more) also has no advertising.

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