Bose with Deezer FAQ

What is the Deezer trial available through Bose SoundTouch™?

Enjoy up to a 45 day free trial of Deezer Premium+ service.

Bose with Deezer gives you unlimited access to over 40 million songs, so you can listen anytime, anywhere you want.

From mobile Bluetooth® speakers and headphones for life on the go, to multi-room home Wi-Fi® music systems that have your favorite music always ready to play, you can enjoy more music than ever before with clear, natural sound.

To see a short video demonstration on how to play Deezer on your SoundTouch™ system click here.

Can existing Deezer subscribers benefit from the trial?

No, existing Deezer Premium+ subscribers are not eligible for the free trial.

Which Bose Products are Eligible For The trial?

Most Soundtouch devices, the trial is available through the Soundtouch application.

Is a credit card required to redeem the trial and subscribe to Deezer?

Yes, Deezer requires a credit card at the time of creating the account on for SoundTouch™ customers.

SoundTouch™ users will get 15 days free trial without a credit card. However, to extend the trial with an additional 30 days you will need to provide a credit card.

Can I Cancel My Subscription During The trial?

A customer may cancel their subscription anytime during the trial period without incurring any charges.

Full steps for how to unsubscribe can found here.

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