Yes! Deezer has Podcasts. And they’re great, so why not cast your attention to Podcasts.

There are two ways to access podcasts on Deezer, and you can also save them to your library.

  • Through Explore
  • Scrolling down on your homepage


Podcasts have their own Channel. To get there, tap Browse on the homepage and find the podcasts tile. If you click Podcasts it will give you the main podcast Channel, with all of the podcast content.

Podcasts are also available in some other channels:

  • News & politics
  • Society & Culture
  • Business
  • Sport/Football
  • Comedy
  • Kids

On the homepage

  1. Scroll down to the podcasts heading
  2. Click on the heading Podcasts

This brings you to the podcasts page (same page as via the podcast tile), where there are broader categories, and more variety for you to enjoy.

How do you add a podcast to your favorites?

  1. Go to Home
  2. Click on Browse
  3. Click the tile which takes your fancy
  4. See if there is a Podcast section
  5. Click on the podcast you want
    • On the app, click the heart add_heart.PNG in the top right hand corner
    • On, click Add add_heart.PNG

If you wanted to browse all of the podcast content before adding them to My Music, follow the directions for “On the Homepage” above, then follow steps 5 and 6.

Downloading podcasts

You can download podcasts, but just so you know - you are only able to download the most recent episode.

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