Listening History

Your listening history is all the songs you’ve played with Deezer, (not like search history, which is everything you’ve looked for).

At the moment, you can only access your listening history through

  1. Go to My Music
  2. Click on the More tab (if you have a large screen ignore this step)
  3. Click on Listening History
  4. Either click the Listen button at the top for your mega playlist, or pick a song!

Can you add them to a playlist?

You can search for songs you have listened to, in the search bar above the track list.

  1. Choose a song
  2. Check the box new_seclt.PNG
  3. (Check more than one if you want)
  4. Once you’ve chosen the songs, click on the Add button
  5. Choose Add to playlist
  6. Either make a New playlist or choose an existing one

Making a ‘listening history’ playlist

  1. Click on the box at the top new_seclt.PNG this should tick all the songs in your listening history
  2. Tap the Add button
  3. Click Add to playlist
  4. Select New playlist

Just Heard

Want your listening history on the app? You can see the last 100 things you’ve listened to in Just Heard.

How do you get to it?

  1. Head to My Music
  2. Select Playlists
  3. Tap Just Heard
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