Live Radio

Have a radio station that you love? Or have you just put a request in and are waiting for them to read your name out?

Whether it’s radio goo goo or radio ga ga, listen to live radio through Deezer, even if you are using Deezer Free!

How do you get to live radio?

  1. Go to Home
  2. Scroll down to Live radio
  3. Click on the Live radio heading
  4. To see all the radio stations, click View all underneath the Most popular suggestions

Unfortunately, you cannot keep your radio station in your favorites, but they are all available to search in your search bar Search.png.

What stations can you get on Deezer?

The radio stations you can listen to on Deezer will depend on which country your subscription is in.

If you want to see the content that you don’t have access to then have a look at the display settings.

You are a Premium+ member, why are you hearing adverts on radio?

Most radio stations broadcast adverts live in order to keep them on their air. These adverts are on their end, not ours!

Can’t find the radio station you like on Deezer?

Unfortunately, we don’t have all the radio stations in the world yet, but we are constantly working on getting more so they are available for you.

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