What is Chromecast ?
Chromecast is the new multimedia key from Google that allows you to connect to your TV and stream music from Deezer from your mobile, tablet or PC. Google call this "caster music" it is their term for helping to spread music !

What subscription do you need ?
To use Deezer with Chromecast you need to have a Premium + subscription.

What Mobile Devices can I use with Chromecast ?
You can use Chromecast with Android and IOS ( IPhone ) mobiles. All you need is the latest version of the Deezer app installed on your device.
If you need any more information check out Google's Chromecast pages -

Can I stream from my computer ?
Of course ! All you need is the latest version of the Chrome browser installed on your computer with the Chromecast extension installed.

Deezer is not recognized by my Chromecast device
The first thing to check is that your Chromecast is installed properly, the wifi name and the wifi network to which the device is connected should be displayed on your TV screen.
Next confirm that your Chromecast and mobile or tablet are connected to the same wifi network that you have a Premium + account and that you have the latest version of the Deezer app installed.
If you still need help have a look at the Google support pages -

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