Playing Songs With Lyrics

Sing along! In your bedroom with a hairbrush in the mirror, or get your karaoke going for a great night in.

Our lyrics feature is the easy (and best) way to practice that note you can only get ‘sometimes’, and to make a party pop.

How do you get lyrics?

Anything with this symbol Lyrics.png has lyrics that can be played with the song. Look for it next to the track title on the track list and on the ‘currently playing’ song.

Playing with lyrics on

Tap the microphone Lyrics.png which you’ll find either:

  • Next to the track title
  • In the bottom left hand corner, and it will be in a circle underneath the title of the song you’re playing

Playing with lyrics on the iOS app

There are two ways to play with lyrics on the iOS app:

  • tap the three dots ....png on the player
  • tap the three dots ....png next to the track name

Playing with lyrics on the Android app

The two ways to play your song with lyrics on Android are:

  1. Go to song playing
  2. Touch the button which says Lyrics

Or straight from the track list:

  1. Tap the three dots ....png next to the title
  2. Tap Play with Lyrics


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