Don’t have the time to read? Now you can listen on the move to the old, the new, and the modern classics with audiobooks on Deezer.

If you can’t find audiobooks on your account, it may be because currently they are only available in UK, Germany and France at the moment, but we are working on getting them to everyone.

UK and France

Although some Audiobooks are available in the UK and France, they are not directly featured on the homepage yet.

  1. Click on the search bar Search.png
  2. Type in Audiobooks
  3. Look through the content under Albums for the separate audiobooks (they’re in Albums because there are several “tracks” in each audiobook)


If you are using the site in Germany, the Audiobooks are available through your homepage.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of Home
  2. Click Audiobooks

If you can’t find anything you like on the main page, there will be a category list for you to scroll through.

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