Artist Page Basics

Let’s get the basics down, so you can start enjoying artist pages. No, we don’t mean have a look at Van Gogh’s personal diary, we want you to enjoy our music artists as much as possible.

If you’re just starting out, the artist’s page will offer loads of content to begin building your library.


When you get to your artist’s page (via My Music, or through a track/album), there will be an option to mix the artist with other bands.


Need to fill up your playlist? Favorite tracks need a bit of life? Check out the artist’s Discography for more great songs.

  1. Tap My Music
  2. Touch Artists
  3. Tap the Artists page you want (you can start here after a quick search if you have no artists in your library)
  4. A) On Give Discography a click
  5. B) On the app: Scroll down to Discography and have a browse

Similar artists

So, you’ve found one artist and are now stuck on who to add next? Have a look at Similar Artists to help you get going, and favorite artists that you forgot you loved.

To get to similar artists, follow the steps above but touch Similar Artists.

Tap the heart symbol add_heart.PNGto add them to your library.


The playlists on the artist’s page include editor-picked playlists which feature the artist. They are a mix of tracks and artists with the same type of music, a great way to build up your playlist library.

There may also be some playlists made by other Deezer users from all over the world - but you are welcome to add these to your library too.

To browse through the playlists, follow the same steps for Discography and click Playlists instead, and then add it to your library.


Want to know a little more about the artist? Check out the biography section. (Follow the same steps, just go to Biography)


These are only available through

Comments allow you to share your experiences, thoughts, pretty much anything you want about the artist to the rest of the Deezer community.

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