It’s your personal soundtrack. All your music, mixed with old favourites and new recommendations picked just for you, in one infinite stream. All you have to do is press the button.

How does Flow work?

Tell Flow what you like with the heart button you see on every track, and by favoriting albums and playlists. Then Flow uses that information to create an endless stream of music you’ll love. Personalised recommendations mix with your favorite tracks so you can just press the button and listen to your music. Flow gets better the more you listen, so just keeping tapping the heart buttons.

What if Flow plays something I don’t like?

Just tap the strikethrough-heart button and that song will not be replayed for the next 24h. If you press “dislike” for a song or artist three times, Flow will not play it again.

My Flow plays the same songs over and over, why?

If your Flow still plays the same selection of songs, try adding more songs/artists to your favorites.

If that doesn’t work, try deleting your browser cache.

I’m a Deezer Family subscriber, can other profiles mess with my Flow?

Every profile has a separate, independent Flow; just remember to always check that you are connected to your own profile before playing music to avoid influencing your other family members profiles’ Flow.

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