Deezer Free

With Deezer Free you can listen to our full music catalog, create playlists for every occasion, import your favourite MP3s, and follow the artists you love.

Deezer Free on your tablet and computer

You can listen to over 43 million tracks on your computer or tablet with occasional adverts.

Deezer Free on your mobile device

You can listen to over 43 million tracks in shuffle mode with occasional adverts. You can skip up to 6 tracks an hour, and if you select an artist you’ll be played a mix based on their music.

What’s the difference with Premium+?

With a Premium+ account you:

  • Won’t get adverts or interruptions on any device
  • Can skip as many times as you like
  • You can listen to exactly what you want
  • Download your music to listen offline

Sound good? You can subscribe here.

Other frequently asked questions

I didn’t subscribe but it says I am using Premium+?

If you have not entered payment details, you have activated our 15 day free trial, once it ends, your account will revert to Free.

I’m using a Hi-Fi speaker but songs only play for 30 seconds, why?

You’ll need a Premium+ subscription to stream from a Hi-Fi device.

Can I download my music and listen offline?

Unfortunately not, this feature is only available to Premium+ users.

Can I create playlists with my Free account?

Yes, you can! You can either start a playlist from a chosen song or you can start one by tapping +Create a new playlist.

Why does a different song play when I tap on one?

If you are using your Free account from a mobile device, you can only listen to music in shuffle mode.

How many devices can I link to my account?

You can link a maximum of 3 devices to your account, but you can only play music on one of them at a time.

How many songs can I skip?

You can skip a maximum of 6 songs per hour.

Can I share songs with my friends?

Yes, click on Share and choose the friends you’d like to share the track with. You can also share your favourite songs on Facebook or Google+.

Can I stop shuffle?

To access songs in order you need to have a Premium+ subscription.

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