Audio Quality

Is the guitar solo not as crisp as you’d like? Does the singer seem muffled? Try adjusting your Audio Quality.

Where do you find Audio Quality on the app?

  1. Tap My Music
  2. Tap the Settings tab
  3. Touch Audio settings

The Deezer app gives you four options from which to choose your Audio Quality. These are measured in bits per second, and basically, the more bits per second you have, the better your sound quality.

Remember: The bigger bit rate you have, the more it will eat your data.

Choose your option and a blue tick will appear next to your choice.

Compact option

Compact option means you’ll be listening to 128kbit/s on WiFi and on mobile.

Balanced option

With the Balanced option, it will automatically increase the quality of the music when you are connected to WiFi, but keeps your data usage small when you’re on your mobile network.

Balanced option sound means you’ll be listening to 320kbit/s on WiFi but 128kbit/s on mobile.

Enhanced option

The Enhanced option means that you’ll have the best quality sound all the time. But remember, this option does use the most mobile data.

Enhanced option sound means you’ll be listening to 320kbit/s on WiFi and on mobile.

Custom option

On the Custom option you can mix and match the sound qualities how you want.

It also includes a basic audio option (64kbit/s) just in case you’re saving your data.

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