Queue on

Line up your tracks so you can keep on browsing. Get rid of the annoying search each time a song finishes.

You can queue your music on, and the iOS app.

How do you add a song/playlist/album to your queue?

  1. Go to song/album/playlist (these can be in your library or not)
  2. Click on the three dots ....png
  3. Select either Add to queue or Listen next

What’s the difference between Add to queue and Listen next?

  • Add to queue will put the content at the bottom of your queue
  • Listen next will play the music next and alters the queue accordingly

How do you get to your queue?

  1. Go to your player
  2. Click on the queue icon queue_web.PNG
  3. Your queue will be displayed

How do you remove tracks from your queue?

  1. Follow the steps 1 – 3 above
  2. Hover over the song you want to remove, and three dots ....png will appear
  3. Give them a tap
  4. Select Remove from queue

Automated Recommendations

Want a few suggestions for your queue to get you started? Try the Automated recommendations. You can continuously use them in order to fill out your queue a little.

To get Automated recommendations:

  1. Go to your player
  2. Tap the Queue icon queue_web.PNG
  3. Check the box at the top of your queue named Automated recommendations

You can turn these off the same way at any time.

Why won’t the tracks move in the queue?

Unfortunately, on, you’re not able to change the order of the queue just yet.

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