Cancelling your Deezer Subscription

Not convinced? No problem. Cancel your Premium+ anytime and you can keep listening with our Free plan, if you don’t mind a few ads. You’ll still be able to listen to Flow and Mixes and we’ll keep your playlists intact, in case you subscribe again in the future.

The way you cancel depends on how you subscribed to Deezer in the first place:

Paying directly to Deezer

  1. Log in* to on a computer and go to Settings, then My Subscription
  2. At the bottom, click Continue with cancellation
  3. Follow the instructions and click Confirm termination of subscription
  4. Enter your password and click Unsubscribe

* If you can’t remember your password, you can request a new one.

Paying via iTunes

If you pay via iTunes, you can find instructions on how to manage, update or cancel here.

Paying as part of a bundle with your mobile phone provider

If you’re paying as part of a mobile phone bundle, please contact your mobile provider to change your subscription settings.

Don't have a computer or having troubles cancelling? Contact us.

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