Deezer Family

Deezer Family means you can give up to 6 individual Premium+ profiles to your family members while only paying one low price.

How does it work?

When subscribing to Deezer Family, you get a Premium+ account and up to 5 other Premium+ profiles to share with your family members. Your account becomes the Master Profile, which is used:

You can create up to 5 secondary profiles, each functions like a normal Premium+ account with their own favorites, playlists and Deezer Flow.

Anything else I should know?

  • Members of a Deezer Family subscription must reside at the same address.
  • Deezer Family is available worldwide with the exception of users in the United States.
  • All Family members must log in with the master profile account details and then switch to their secondary profile.

Getting started

Head to our Deezer Family page using a web browser on your computer, click on Get Deezer Family, enter your payment details and enjoy!

The Family offer will replace your current subscription in real time and you will be charged the subscription fee immediately.

You can then start creating secondary Family Profiles and spreading the love.

Creating and managing your secondary profiles?

Find out more here:

Frequently asked questions

I already have a Deezer Premium+ account, do I need to create a second account for Deezer Family?

No, you can just upgrade your existing account to Deezer Family, via your account subscription page in your browser.

All your playlists, albums and downloaded content will still be available after you upgrade.

How many profiles can I have on Deezer Family?

You and up to 5 family members get your own Premium+ profile. Family members must live at the same physical address.

We already have two or more Deezer accounts in our house, can I merge them onto one account?

You’ll first need to setup your Family account and create your secondary profiles, then contact our support team and we can help you transfer your favorites.

What’s the difference between the Master Profile and the Secondary Profiles?

The Master Profile is the primary account which is used to login, pay and manage your Family account.

Secondary profiles are created on the Master profile, which are accessed after logging in to the master profile. They can’t be used to manage the Family account, but all 6 profiles enjoy all the benefits of Premium+.

How do I log in to a Secondary Profile?

  1. Log in using your Master Profile details
  2. Click on “switch profile” and choose which profile you’re looking for.
  3. The chosen profile will remain logged in on that device.

How many devices can my family use under the Deezer Family plan?

You can pair with a total of thirteen devices across all six profiles, these are broken down by profile type:

  • The Master profile can be paired with up to three connected devices
  • Each Secondary Profile can be paired up to two

Remember that each profile can only listen to music on one device at the same time.

What platforms is Deezer Family available for?

Deezer Family is available for our Android, iOS and Windows 10 apps as well as our browser player.

At the moment other systems can only log in to the Master Account, we’re working in collaboration with our partners to make this functionality available across all systems in the future.

What happens if I cancel Deezer Family on my Master account?

If you cancel your Deezer Family plan, your account will revert to a Deezer Free account and all linked profiles will be suspended.

You won’t lose any of the playlists or saved albums on any profile as a result of cancelling Deezer Family, but the profiles will be inaccessible until your re-subscribe.

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