Google Home – Voice Commands



Shout at us and we sing back.

Listen to music on Google home - you don’t have to lift a finger, all you need is your voice.

Basic voice commands

From requesting your favorite song or an artist to pausing and playing the music, Google offers a load of basic commands to get you started:

We’ve got our tailored voice commands too:

Always start with “OK Google” or “Hey Google”

Playing music

To begin playing music on Deezer, all you need to do is ask.

“Play Deezer” or “Play music on Deezer” and more.

Plus, when you are listening to Deezer, you can say “I like this song” , (even when you play your Flow,) and you will Favorite the track.


Listen to your Flow on Google Home.

“Play Flow” or “Play My Flow”

If you can say “I dislike this song”  while your Flow is playing, it won’t play the song again. (If the song is in your Favorites when you say this, it will be removed.)

Want to change what music you’re listening to?

Not a problem. All you need to do is ask Deezer to “Play something else,” or “Play something different”.

What else?

Ask for a playlist by name, shuffle some tracks, or even play your favorites. You’ve got loads to choose from.

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