Creating and Adding to Playlists

Creating a Playlist

Playlists are collections of tracks that you can create for different occasions or to suit your mood. You can create a playlist from both and the app.

  1. Go to My Music
  2. Tap Playlists
  3. Tap Create a playlist (, Create a new playlist (Android) or New playlist (iOS)
  4. Give your playlist a name
  5. Tap OK

Windows 10 app

  1. Play the track you want to start a new playlist with
  2. Go to the player and click the three dots ....png
  3. Tap add_to_playlist_windows_10.PNG
  4. Type a new title  create_a_playlist.PNG

Adding songs to a playlist

To add songs to a playlist, or to start a new playlist from a cool song you’re listening to:

  1. Find a track you like
  2. Tap the three dots ....png 
  3. Tap Add to playlist
  4. Choose your playlist or select New playlist

Windows 10 app

  1. Select a track you want to add
  2. Play the track
  3. Go to the player
  4. Click on the three dots ....png
  5. Select Add to Playlist add_to_playlist_windows_10.PNG
  6. Select the playlist


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