Smart Cache

Smart Cache sounds very technical, and well, it is. But if you’re interested, we’ve broken it down here:

What is Smart Cache?

Your Deezer app stores two types of data:

  • Downloaded content – content you’ve downloaded, which is kept until you delete it
  • Smart Cache content – what you’re listening to next, which updates while you’re streaming

Sorry, what?

When you are streaming your music, the app downloads the next one(s) for you. So, if you go through a tunnel and lose signal, you can keep listening. This is called pre-fetched content, and it’s kept in your Smart Cache. It updates as you get to the end of each song, replacing the old song with the next one in your queue.

What happens when you increase the space allocated for Smart Cache?

If you increase your Smart Cache, more of your future content will be downloaded, so you can go for longer without signal.

But, increasing your Smart Cache means it will use up more memory on your device. If you have an SD card in your phone, you can change the app’s storage location.

How do you change the amount of space allocated for Smart Cache?

  1. Head to My Music
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Scroll, then tap on App settings
  4. Scroll again until you get to the Smart Cache section
  5. smart_cache_slider.PNGMove the slider until you’re happy with the storage space
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