Dive into Deezer with Channels! Carefully curated collections of music, sport and talk content at your fingertips, just a touch away.

What are Channels?

Channels are curated collections of music and talk content, designed to help you find what you love, all in one location.

To get to Channels:

  1. Go to Home
  2. Tap Browse
  3. Explore Channels!

What kind of Channels are there?

Music Genres/Moods

Click the tile of a genre that you like.

In there will be playlists, new releases, artists, (and, depending on what we can get for you) radio stations and podcasts that relate.


We’ve got a separate channel for all of our Podcasts.

Podcasts are an element within our Deezer Talk. Which is pretty much content that ‘talks’ - big surprise there.

For other elements of Deezer Talk, (like Radio and Audiobooks) check out our Deezer Talk section.


Dinner party? Need to set a romantic vibe? Got that Friday feeling?

Pick the perfect soundtrack to your moment or event with Deezer Channels.  


Proof that Deezer isn’t just for music!

Please remember that the content here will vary according to the country you are viewing in. (For example, the UK Deezer will have English football clubs as channels, whereas in Germany and France, it will mainly feature podcasts.)


These are Mixes made for you, by our editors.

Soundtracks - movies and games

We know what it is like to watch a movie, or play a game, and you can’t put your finger on that amazing song playing in the background.

Now you can find out! Have a look through our movie and game soundtracks.


Need to entertain the kids? Deezer has playlists, artists, audiobooks and podcasts all perfectly suited for children. To explore kids:

  1. Click Browse on the homepage
  2. Click the Kids tile
  3. Browse and choose from the content

Want some more?

There’s loads of other channels that we haven’t even mentioned! Go and Explore for yourself.

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