Finding Music on Deezer

With over 40 million tracks in the Deezer catalogue there’s so much to explore. Here are some useful features to help you along the way available on your home:

  • Flow
  • Channels
  • Playlists
  • Mixes
  • Search


Flow is your personal soundtrack. It’s your music mixed with fresh recommendations (and the songs you forgot you loved) in one infinite stream.

Find Flow at the top of your Home screen

  • Tap the play icon to activate Flow.
  • Flow is your music mixed with new tracks that match your taste in music
    • If you love the suggestion tap the Add to favorites add_heart.PNG button
    • If you don’t tap the Don’t suggest this track skipp.PNGbutton

Deezer Channels

Channels are groups of curated content based around a mood, genre or event located beneath Flow on your Home

  • Select a channel to see a matching collection of playlists, artists and editor picks

You can

  • Browse and select a particular playlist, album or artist
  • Tap the play icon at the top of the page for a mix of everything found in the  channel


Play one great song after another with millions of playlists created by people who love music. Playlists are divided into Playlists Picks, Popular and Top tracks.

  • Tap on the playlist of your choice
  • Click the play button to start listening


Mixes’ algorithm, like Flow, are based on your favorite tracks, except that a mix focuses on a single topic or genre of music such as 70's rock, relaxation music or a workout session.

  1. Tap on the mix of your choice to see the mix of artists
  2. Tap the play button at the top


Explore the entire Deezer music catalog by typing in the name of an artist, album, track or #tag (#rock, #metal, #90's) in the bar with the magnifying glass.

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