Problems logging in

Recently updated your phone or computer and all your saved passwords wiped? Forgotten your password? Having problems logging in? It’s happened to us all at some time, but this guide should help you get back to the music.

First, check that you’re:

  • using the correct way to log in (Facebook? Google+? Email?)
  • logging in to the correct account

Still not working?

Logging in to the right account

If you have a couple of email addresses, you might have registered more than one account and forgotten about it. If you have a subscription, it might be tied to a different email address than the one you thought.

A quick and easy way to test which email you used for your Deezer account:

  • Try recovering the password for each of your email addresses
  • If an account exists, you’ll be sent an email with a new password

Recently deactivated your Facebook or Google+ account

If you used your Facebook or Google+ account to create your Deezer account and recently deactivated it, you won’t be able to login.

In order to restore access you’ll need to reactivate your social media account or alternatively you can create a new account. We can help copy all your favourite albums, artists and tracks to your new account - contact us.

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