Audiobooks in My Music

Fill out your library with some books. That is, your virtual library with audiobooks.


Once you’ve found an audiobook you like, you can add it to My Music.

How do you make a playlist for your audiobooks?

Audiobooks are just like your music tracks, and you can treat them the same.

  1. Make a playlist
  2. Type Audiobooks into your search bar Search.png
  3. Go to the Albums tab
  4. Click on the audiobook album you want to add to your playlist
  5. Start with the first track, click the three dots ....png next to the title
  6. Tap Add to playlist
  7. Choose the right playlist
  8. Repeat the steps for all the tracks in the album, in order (or else your story won’t make sense)

If you want to find an existing audiobook playlist:

  1. Type Audiobooks into the search bar Search.png
  2. Click on Playlists

These include the collaborative playlists other Deezer users have made, so, depending on the country, you may not have access to all of the content in the playlist. Unavailable content will appear greyed out.


Alternatively, you can add the audiobooks to your albums by adding them to your favorites.

  1. Type in Audiobooks into your search bar Search.png
  2. Go to the Albums tab
  3. A) Click the heart add_heart.PNG on the cover of the album
  4. B) Tap on the album, then click on the Add add_heart.PNG button

You can add the track to your favorites but keep in mind, some audiobooks have more than one track for all of its content.

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