Deezer Family FAQ

Deezer Family is available worldwide with the exception of users in the United States.

If you’re a customer of Orange France or T-Mobile in the Netherlands, you can choose to subscribe directly through your mobile contract. Please refer to their separate FAQs listed below:

What is Deezer Family?

Deezer Family is a subscription plan which allows up to six family members to jointly use Premium+.

When subscribing to Deezer Family your account becomes a master account that can create 5 additional linked child profiles. All profiles, including the master, gain Premium+ functionality, with unlimited music on multiple devices at the same time.

How much does a Deezer Family subscription cost?

The total cost of a Deezer Family subscription costs €/£14.99 per month; this comprises the cost of Deezer Premium+ for the master account, plus the additional cost for the family profiles.

I already have a Deezer Premium+ account, do I need to create a second account for Deezer Family?

No, you can upgrade your existing account to Deezer Family, via your account subscription page (you can only modify your subscription through the website).

Where is Deezer Family available?

Deezer Family is available worldwide with the exception of users in the United States.

Additionally, Deezer Family is only available for:

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS (Note: While Deezer Family accounts can be used on iOS devices, subscription to Deezer Family through iTunes is not available)

What are the benefits of Deezer Family?

All profiles have access to Deezer Premium+ features and even though linked, they each function as a standalone profile with their own favourites and playlists.

In addition, each account has access to Deezer Kids -  A version of Deezer tailored to kids with Audio Books, lullabies and kids star, for ages 12 and under.

What happens if I cancel Deezer Family on my Master account?

If the Deezer Family option is cancelled, your account will revert to a Deezer free and all linked profiles will be suspended.

You will not lose your Playlists or your saved albums as a result of cancelling Deezer Family, but the profiles will be inaccessible until Deezer Family is reinstated.

How many devices can my family use under the Deezer Family plan?

The master profile can be paired with up to three connected devices, while each child profile up to two, for a total of thirteen devices across the six profiles. In addition, each profile can only login to one device at the same time.

I’m a Deezer Family subscriber, how do I set up and manage additional profiles for my family?

This is explained in the articles below:

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